More Information about Huguenot History and Ancestors

More information about Huguenot history and ancestors can be found at, the website of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. The Society, located at 138 Logan Street in Charleston, SC (843 723-3235) is open from 9 am until 2 pm Monday through Friday except for major holidays and two weeks at the end of December. It includes a library of over 4,000 volumes (see the on-line catalogue on the Society web page), lineages for over 800 ancestors who settled in what is now the United States and research files on many of these families. The library includes copies of the registers of French churches in England, as well as information gleaned from other European sites. It is open to all researchers – there is a research fee for non-members and the staff of the Society will research (for a small fee) for those who cannot visit the Society. There is also a small gift shop – items and books can also be purchased from the website.