Update on French Santee for Genealogists

Our new book French Santee has proven to be very popular with family genealogists. Accessing the little used land records and Proprietary  Period records of South Carolina, in addition to research in France, we have provided new genealogical information and links between families. For those wondering if their family is in the book, I am adding the list of  the 104 biographical sketches in the book. Of course, these families all had dealings with others in the colony, as well as in other colonies and in Europe, so many other names are mentioned in the book. Be sure and check the index attached to the write up for French Santee on this page under the heading Books.

Biographical sketches in French Santee, A Huguenot Settlement in Colonial South Carolina:
Andrivet, Jean and Antoinette [Buvier?]
Barnet, Jean (John) and Hannah
Benoit, Jacques and Sara Mounier
Berteaud, Jean
Bochet, Abel
Bochet, Nicholas and Susanne Dehays
Boisseau, Jean and Marie Potell
Bonnet, Elie
Bonnet, François
Bouvell, Elias
Boyd, Gabriel
Boyd, Jacques
Boyd, Jean and Jeanne Berchaud
Brugnet, Marye, widow of Nicholas Potell
Bruneau, Jean-Arnaud
Bruneau, Paul
Bugnion, Joseph and Elizabeth
Cadeau, Peter
Caillabeuf, Isaac (II) and Mary
Carion, Moïse and Anne Ribouleau
Carrière, Jean and Elizabeth
Carron, Claude
Chastaigner, Alexandre Thésée and Elizabeth Buretel
Chastaigner, Henri Auguste
Chauvin, Isaac
Colladon, Mr. and Sarah
Couillandeau, Pierre
Coulet, Stephen
Courège, François and Madeleine [Joubert?]
DeJean, Isaac
De Rousserie, François
Donnedieu, Jean
DuBosc, Isaac and Susanne Couillandeau
DuCros de la Bastie, Charles and Hélène
Dumay, Etienne and Jeanne Elizabeth Guerri
DuPlessis, Peter and Marguerite Rembert
Durouzeau, Michel
Dutarque, Louis and Christian Marie
Dutartre, Daniel and Mary
Faucheraud, Gideon and Mary Villepontoux
Fleury, Isaac
Fougeraut, Marie
Gaillard, Joachim and Ester Paparel
Gaillard, Barthélémy and Elizabeth
Gaillard, Jean, Susanne Le Serrurier and Mary Esther Page
Gaillard, Pierre
Garnier, Daniel and Elizabeth Fanton and Magdalen
Gendron, Jean
Gendron, Philippe and Madeleine Chardon
Gignilliat, Jacques François Benedict and Marie Potell
Gignilliat, Jean François, Louisa Pineau and Susanne Le Serrurier
Girodz, Solomon
Gourdin, Louis
Goutier, David
Guérin, François and Anne Arriné
Guérin, Mathurin and Marie Nicolas and Susanne Desserex
Guérin, Pierre
Guerri, Pierre and Jeanne Broussard
Guibal, Jean and Ester Le Cert
Guneau, Pierre
Hartman, John and Mary
Horry, Elie and Margueritte Huger
Huger, Daniel and Margueritte Perdriau
Jacquette, Jacques
Jaudon, Daniel and Elizabeth
Jeanneret, Abraham and Susannah Favre
Jeanneret, Jacob and Elizabeth Gourdin
Jermain, Ralph
Juin, Georges and Suzanne Le Riche
LaPierre, John and Susanne
Lapôtre, Jacob David and Catherine Allaire
Laurens, Augustus
Laurens, Charles and Marianne Gourdin
Laurens, Jean and Ester Grasset
Laurens, Jeanne and John Perdriau and Jacques Savineau
Le Bas, Jacques and Catherine Varing
Le Gendre, Daniel
Leger, Pierre and Marie
Le Grand, Isaac and Madeleine Dieu
Le Grand, Jacques and Anne Françoise
Le Nud, Nicholas and Mary
Le Roux, Estienne
Le Roux, Louis
Longuemare, Nicholas de and Marie Bonneau
Manigault, Gabriel
Manigault, Pierre and Judith Giton
Marion, Benjamin and Judith Baluet and Marie
May, Jean Rodolph and Marie Elizabeth Gignilliat
Mayrant, James Nicholas and Susanna Gaillard
Michaud, Honoré
Michaud, Pierre and Sara Bertomeau
Michaud, Abraham and Esther Jaudon
Mounier, Pierre and Louise Robinet
Pasquereau, Louis and Madeleine Chardon
Pelé, Jean Pierre and Gabrielle
Perdriau, Etienne
Perdriau, Louis
Perdriau, Pierre
Perdriau, Marguerite and Daniel Huger
Peyre, David and Judith Boisseau
Philippes, Pierre and Jeanne
Picault, Michel
Poitevin, Anthoine (II) and Marguerite De Bourdeaux
Porcher, Isaac and Claude de Cherigny
Potell, Jean and Madeleine Pepin
Pouderous, Albert
Prou, Jean
Ravenel, René and Charlotte de St. Julien de Malacare
Rembert, André and Anne Bressan and Madeleine [Joubert?]
Richebourg, Claude Philippe de and Anne Chastain
Robert, Pierre and Jeanne Bayer
Royer, Pierre and Anne [Rembert?]
St. Julien, Louis de
St. Julien de Malacare (II), Pierre de and Damaris Elizabeth Le Serrurier
Satur, Abraham and Jane
Savineau, Jacques and Mary Bremar and Jeanne Laurens
Sénéschaud, Daniel and Magdeleine Ardouin
Seron, Jacques and Frances
Serré, Noë (II) and Esther [Michaud?]
Spencer, Joseph and Elizabeth
Tamplé, Etienne
Tamplé, Etienne (II) and Marie Du Bosc
Tauvron, Etienne and Catherine [Le Chevalier?]
Thauvet, Jeanne
Thauvet, Marie
Thauvet, Susanne
Thibout, Etienne
Valvot, John
Videau, Pierre and Jeanne Elizabeth Mauzé